Ask Dr. Orbeck – Episode 5 (Andropause)

Most people know that women experience hormone shifts as they approach menopause, but many people don’t know that men face similar challenges. Andropause, which is sometimes known as “male menopause,” causes a decline in your hormone levels that can affect your mood, energy and appearance.


Ask Dr. Orbeck: Episode 4, Interview with Inventor of P-Shot, O-Shot, and Vampire Facelift

This episode welcomes Dr. Charles Runels, who is a pioneer in the field of sexual health and wellness, and the inventor of The P-Shot® & O-Shot® Procedures, along with the Vampire Facelift—all of which Dr. O performs at Regenerative Medical lnstitute. Dr. Runels started his medical career as an Emergency Room physician and after seeing a lifetime’s worth of illness, he decided to specialize in the areas of health and wellness. Tune in to hear his wealth of expertise and personal stories related to changing lives through the administration of the P-Shot, O-Shot, and Vampire Facelift.


Ask Dr Orbeck: Episode 3, Menopause and Sexual Dysfunction in Women

Menopause is a natural transition, but it can be a difficult process. More than 75 percent of women experience symptoms like night sweats & hot flashes, memory issues & mood swings, fatigue, and more. Studies estimate that more than 25 percent of women struggle with sexual dysfunction after menopause due to hormone changes, childbirth, or chronic illness. At RMI, Dr. Orbeck offers a wide range of treatment options that include bioidentical hormone therapy, skin & hair restoration, and overall intimate wellness.


Ask Dr. Orbeck: Episode 2, How Sex Changes as We Get Older

Dr. Orbeck discusses sexual intimacy and how it's a vital part of your well-being. An active, satisfying sex life strengthens your marriage or partnership. Intimacy also offers many health benefits, including improved heart health. Unfortunately, age-related health problems often make intimacy a challenge. Dr. O also talks about intimacy problems that can be resolved with the right care. At RMI he offers comprehensive intimate wellness treatment. With cutting-edge treatments, patients can experience improved intimacy and joy in their life! Listen to find out more about these specific treatments.


Ask Dr. Orbeck: Episode 1, The P-Shot and the O-Shot

Dr. Kenneth Orbeck discusses PRP, which is Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy — a form of regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine strives to replace or replenish damaged tissues. PRP achieves these goals by using substances found in human blood. Dr. Orbeck also talks about the P-Shot, which is a form of PRP and it stands for Priapus Shot®. The P-Shot is one of the ways he treats erectile dysfunction at RMI. Lastly, Dr. O goes over the O-Shot — a form of PRP designed for women, and it stands for the Orgasm Shot.


Ask Dr. Kenneth Orbeck: Interview with Nick Nanton



December 18 2020

Sudden health changes can be a sign of underlying hormone imbalance. Hormone imbalances are a common culprit of symptoms like fatigue or low libido. Although hormone problems are prevalent, they’re often underdiagnosed. Hormones fluctuations often trigger vague, nonspecific symptoms. My patien [...]
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November 17 2020

As you get older, you might notice some surprising physical changes. Men over 40 often experience a loss of energy and vitality. Some also struggle with mood swings, memory problems, or sexual dysfunction. These symptoms can be confusing and upsetting. But contrary to popular belief, they aren’t a [...]
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October 28 2020

Getting older can trigger unexpected physical changes. Most people know that women experience hormone shifts as they approach menopause. But you may not know that men face similar challenges. Andropause, sometimes known as “male menopause,” causes a decline in your hormone levels that can affect [...]
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September 28 2020

By Dr. Kenneth Orbeck As you get older, you may notice unwelcome changes in your body. You might gain weight or lose muscle mass. You may also feel tired or depressed. Intimacy can become difficult or painful. Many patients tell me, “I just don’t feel like myself anymore.” These symptoms can b [...]
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