Debunking Decline – Episode 2 (Covid Prevention Strategies)

The Covid-19 Pandemic has swept across our nation, leaving millions of Americans with feelings of stress and anxiety. Given the nature of the virus, it can often be difficult to detect and easy to spread. Despite new vaccines being on the horizon, many people are wondering if there are actions they can take now to minimize their risk of contracting this deadly virus. In the second installment of Debunking Decline, Dr. Jeffrey Gladden is joined by a colleague, Dr. Ernesto Navarro, to analyze prevention strategies surrounding the infamous covid-19 virus. Listen as the two medical professionals dive deep into numerous vitamins and supplements capable of strengthening your body's immune system and response time.



Prevention Strategies Against Covid-19

December 15 2020

With the resurgence of COVID cases and many states discussing shutting down again, it’s a good time to revisit the topic of how to protect yourself from coronavirus. At Apex,…
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Life After the Pandemic

December 3 2020

By Dr. Jeffrey Gladden Many of my patients report that 2020 has been the most difficult year of their lives. A global pandemic has coincided with an economic crisis and…
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The Secrets of Self-Optimization

November 23 2020

By Dr. Jeffrey Gladden It's no secret that stress is destructive to our physical and psychological health. Stress weakens the immune system, accelerates the aging process, and increases the risk…
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Be Proactive in Promoting Your Longevity

November 15 2020

By Dr. Jeffrey Gladden A few decades ago, living to 120 was an impossible dream. But today, this dream has become a reality. Experts believe that many children born today will…
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